We are a collaboration of Fine Art and Photography Masters students from University of Gloucestershire. Collectively, we are producing an online exhibition and arts event, bringing together artists and public to explore the theme 'solace'.

Aimee Kirkham

With an interest in anthropology and holism, my  focus is in socially engaged arts and human experience; through photographic practice I wish to give a voice to the underrespresented, with a focus on activities in nature as a form of therapy.

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Margie Doble

My practice is focused on the human condition, with an overarching interest in the socio/political dimension of discriminatory behaviours.  

My current work is exploring negative space and visualising the invisible, within the body’s gestures and close surroundings, offering a new reality of spaces and emotions. 

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Nikita Ghate

I am an Architect and Photographer. I have a keen interest in storytelling and have been exploring it more through photography recently. My current photographic work focuses on people and the spaces they inhabit. I also am interested in sustainability in nature, current world issues; and like to incorporate them in my work from time to time.

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Deborah Cox

Sam Bates