Tropical Leaves


“Making comfort visible”

SOLACE:  To give help and comfort to someone.

Solace is different to everyone. It can be found in a person, an object, a place, belief or memory. The commonality is in bringing 

comfort and hope, whenever we feel we need it. 


Our vision is to collect visual concepts of Solace from contributing artists, individuals, performers 

and writers.  We hope to share positivity and encourage our audience to seek their own Solace and reach out to one another.   


We will be hosting an online exhibition of the collection of artworks and words; creating and distributing postcards from the contributing artworks with information on where to seek support; offering 30-minute workshops on mindfulness and seeking solace in your immediate environments; and making a toolkit for organisations and individuals to present their own customised workshops.

About Us

We are a collaboration of creatives from the University of Gloucestershire; comprising of Aimee Kirkham, Sam Bates, Margie Doble, Nikita Ghate and Deborah Cox.

To find out more about us, please click on the link below.